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Where We Stand

Dearest friends,

The last few weeks have called us to quiet ourselves and to devote our full attention to what is most important - the voices of those revealing what it is to be a Black person in this country and the gaping depths of racism that many of us have previously turned a blind eye to. It is with profound sorrow and humility that we acknowledge the incredible amount of pain, injustice and cruelty that the Black community is experiencing and has experienced long throughout history, at the hands of white supremacy. It is clear that our country is not what it has proclaimed itself to be.  The protests and outcry in response to personal and systemic racism have highlighted the abuse as well as the deep trauma and grief that our Black brothers and sisters have been burdened with carrying every single day. We have taken this time to intently listen, learn and unlearn in a way that we should have been doing all along - and our hearts are broken. 

We realize it is our responsibility to understand and demolish the ways in which we have contributed and been complicit participants in a system that has collectively crushed certain people groups, while propelling others.  The dismantling of communal denial in regards to our nation’s history and insidious oppression that has long been ignored, will require continual effort and long term commitment.  As a team of 4, we’ve been working internally as well as publicly, and as a company that has the ability to function within society, we’ve vowed to fully step into this space with those who are hurting, to be a territory that is actively and continually anti-racist.

We are committing to elevate and offer up new paths for caring, loving and showing up for our Black community with a graceful and dynamic force. We are physically involving ourselves in the fight for equality by way of education, protest, petitions, letters and dialogue. Beyond this, as a retail shop, we know there is power in curation/representation and it is an honor to showcase and celebrate the work of incredible makers who are pouring their gifts and efforts into making this world a more loving and just place. Investing in more Black makers who weave their unique gifts and passions into their craft is our current focus and being introduced to many of these artists in recent weeks has been nothing short of an absolute gift. Going forward, profoundly growing that offering is our top priority. If you are or have a favorite Black artist or maker you’d like to see in Manna, please reach out to us! We stand with our Black friends declaring a vision for Black freedom and justice and we dedicate our hearts, minds and bodies to the work needed in order to become a true and effective ally.

Until then, we’ve put together a few incredible Black makers, artists and businesses whose work, missions and stories have blessed us beyond measure.  We encourage you to take a moment to learn about each brand and organization and to show your support to them in any way that you can. 

Our team has joined hearts, hands and resources and we desire to responsibly and effectively walk down the path to healing with you.

The Manna Team



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