- Hand embroidered by fiber artist Raina Canale

- Certified organic cotton

- Made in USA

- 100% of profits are donated to the incredible team of women at Re.Treat Salon

A little story from the very beginning of a pandemic:

2020 has been a lot to take in. Heartbreak and struggle have not ceased but neither have growth or the opportunities for understanding, compassion and sacrificial love. At the beginning of April, when our shop doors closed and while sheltering in place, our team had the privilege of joining forces with some extraordinary women on a project that became close to our hearts. From the moment Britta VanVliet, owner of Re.Treat Salon, came to me with the seedling of an idea, every fiber of this collaboration has been drenched in love - from the organic material and ethical production, to the actual hand embroidering of every stitch by fiber artist, Raina Canale - each one of a kind piece bears the mark of a maker's hand and a simple and truthful statement. 

As these shirts were being embroidered to speak to a season of isolation and uncertainty, horrific videos emerged, attesting to the very real prevalence of deeply rooted racism and abuse within our country. Focus shifted to a place it should have been all along and suffering took on a whole new context. We knew that a message of gratitude and flowers was sorely wrong in light of what was happening, so the project was tabled. Black lives matter was the only message we needed to state and that message we will never stop proclaiming. 

As we write these words and as we are approaching August, Re.Treat Salon has once again had to close their doors. The hand embroidered shirts that remind of gratitude will be made available to help support their incredible team of women and the loving business they have built. The limited collection will be available through our website, in Manna and through Re. Treat Salon.