This produce bag set, by The Sunshine Series, is compostable, food-safe, free from synthetics and dyes and a simple swap to help minimize single-use plastics! Each set comes with 7 bags: 4 organic cotton mesh bags and 3 durable hemp bags to hold all of your fruits, veggies and grains! Each bag comes labeled with its tare weight to make checkout easy and effortless.

The Sunshine Series is passionate about sourcing only the finest quality of fibers available. Their cotton is certified organic by the Global Organic Trade Standard (GOTS). It uses less water to grow and free from pesticides and harmful toxins when compared to conventional cotton.

Hemp fiber is naturally resistant to mold and environmentally friendly!  


2 Small: 8" x 9"
3 Medium: 10" x 11.5"
2 Large: 11" x 17"