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Holiday Gift Guide
The wind has a chill, the Bourbon Cedar candles are flickering and the snow is just starting to fall here in beautiful, Coeur d’Alene.  Heeding that cue, little lights and eucalyptus garlands have unfolded throughout the shop, hot tea is served once again, fresh sourdough bread from Wild Flour Sour awaits pickup, and paper bags fill with provisions for feasts, gifting and other forms of human hospitality.  

We stand here, at the end of our first year in this new home, completely humbled and grateful for all of you and the kindness and support you have shown our family throughout this transitional season. We also couldn’t have dreamed that a more wonderful team would fill this space, moving about with such skill, expertise, kindness and compassion.  These women care for every person who walks through our doors (in-store and online) and each one of them has nurtured this place alongside us from day one in our new location. Hailey, Sommer and Raina, Manna has grown to be a reflection of your warmth and your unique spirits as well, and it has continued to be a safe and welcoming place for people to land and linger, because of you.  Thank you for that.  To our team and to our sweet community, we’re raising our glasses high and cheersing to you, this holiday season!  

Now for the goods!  As excitement increases and so does the list of holiday to-do’s, we thought we’d lend you a hand in the form of a Manna Christmas gift guide! This journal has been thoughtfully curated for our Manna fam both near and far, and features items to suit many a person, interest and budget.  We hope this makes your journey for intentional and ethical gifting just a little bit easier, and we hope that no matter what you carry on your shoulders this season, you know you are loved, you are valued, you are held, and you are welcome here.

Happy gifting, lovelies! 


The person that loves to make themselves and others feel cared for. This person appreciates something that is practical, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. Marble serving boards, linen towels and aprons, hand thrown dish-ware from small batch potters and unique pantry goods are sure to be adored.  Whatever you gift these generous individuals, just know the hostess loves a gift that allows them to keep giving. 



A homebody with a love for all things minimalist and comforting. This low-key individual likes to take it easy and enjoy the finer, yet simple things. An essential oil candle to calm the senses and a handmade ceramic mug filled with wildcrafted tea to keep warm. This individual may also enjoy piecing together an aesthetically pleasing puzzle in their down time. It's best not to overthink when it comes to gifting for these loved ones, as they truly appreciate something that is simple and consoling.    
These luxurious beings have an affinity for all forms of self care. It's likely that their skincare regimen is already on lock, but rest assured, they will beam upon receiving a new mask or promising toner to try. A comb and botanically-dyed scrunchie could be the perfect addition to their haircare routine, all the while being wrapped in an organic, waffle robe. A lit candle to set the tone and warm the air with a clean fragrance would be a win for sure. 
The globetrotter that is always planning their next destination. This well-traveled individual loves trying new things and seeing new places. While they don't likely stay hunkered down for long, these sightseers tend to be as practical as they are exciting. Gifting them a duffle bag that lasts for years to come, a wallet to protect their treasured passport, or a leather toiletry bag to store their essentials will make their travels that much sweeter. When in doubt give these enthusiastic travelers items they can take on their adventures. 
Nothing beats the great outdoors for these earthy individuals. Whether they like to hike traveled trails, fish on the lake, or tend their gardens, the earth beneath their feet is where they feel most at home. A hand-bound journal to track their footsteps and a leather camera strap to capture sacred moments with mother nature would be perfect for the individual that wants to keepsake these grounding memories. Gift these earth companions something practical and grounding that they will use for seasons to come. 
He doesn't have a list, but will love anything you get him. A leather watch to keep the time, a solid gold Signet Ring as a keepsake for his initial or yours, or even a cologne that reminds you of him. Either way, he will feel just as special and you will enjoy the quality as much as he does.
The woman that means so much to so many. She loves something thoughtful and personal, maybe a small-batch fragrance, or a solid gold Signet Ring featuring her initial or the initial of a loved one. Perhaps a delicate pair of ethically mined, champagne diamond earrings or a Black Diamond necklace that she will treasure for years to come. Whatever you choose, she'll appreciate that when you thought of her, you looked beyond the big box store.
The ones that steal our hearts and bring about a lifetime of sacred belly laughs. Comforting onesies, cozy pillows and blankets are forever a favorite amongst the babes. As these sweet kiddos grow and become more independent, nurture each phase with toys that are safe, eco-friendly and educational. These gifts are sure to be hits with the tiny human population and their parents alike.
These sweet and furry family members give so much. They already know how loved they are, but what better way to include them during the merriment than gifting them something special. Consider a chic leash that gives back to rescue organizations, or a hand printed bandana for all those daily walks, products for bath time, and maybe healthy dog treats to show them you care. Whether it's for the animal lover or your furry friend, they’ll feel seen as well as all the joy. 
The treasured Christmas stocking. Whether the stocking is opened first or saved for last, it is loved by all. Here is a list of thoughtful stuffers and special gifts under $50.