What payment options do you offer? 

For online orders, we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Diners Club debit and credit cards, as well as payment plans through AffirmWe will never request payment through wire transfer or check. 


Do you create custom pieces?

As a bespoke design studio, we are proud to offer a wide array of options to fit the personality and taste of each customer! When it comes to customization, a great place to start is browsing our designs to find which one speaks to you, and we can work together from there to create your perfect piece. Most of our pieces are customizable, ie. stone type, stone size, stone shape/cut, material (solid 14k or 18k white, yellow, or rose gold), finish, etc… Once you find a design you love, feel free to email our team and we will work with you personally to design the ring of your dreams!


What type of Gold do you work with? 

Here at our studio we love working with solid gold for its warmth and organic beauty. We never use any coating or plating on our pieces. 14 karat yellow gold is our studio’s preference, however, almost all of our pieces can be created in 14 karat white gold or rose gold as well as 18 karat options. 18 karat gold is slightly softer than 14 karat due to the amount of pure gold present. 

Solid gold is a beautiful, malleable organic material that should be removed during strenuous activity. Proper care and keeping is important for preventing damage and maintaining the longevity of a piece. 

Matte Brushed vs. High Polish Finish 

Whether you love the soft warmth of brushed gold or the sleek elegance of polished gold, we offer both a matte brushed finish or high polish finish for most of our pieces, so the choice is yours. 

For those who choose a matte brushed finish, the process of matte brushing gently abrases the surface of the gold, almost like sandpaper to wood, which gives it that beautiful, soft surface. Due to this process, the matte brushed finish does naturally polish back to a high polish / smooth finish with time. We proudly offer complimentary re-brushing for the lifetime of our pieces, so you can have your piece re-brushed at any time. Feel free to email our team at info@themannashop.com to schedule this complimentary service. Local drop off and shipping options are available. 


Sustainably Grown vs. Ethically Mined Stones. What’s the difference? 

All of our stones are genuine diamonds and gemstones. We do not work with any imitation stones. It is extremely important to our team that all of our stones are ethically sourced and certified conflict free, in accordance to guidelines set by the Kimberley Process. Ethically mined and sustainably grown stones are chemically and visually identical. The only difference between the two is the location in which the stone grows and the environmental impact. While ethically mined stones come from the earth and require manual labor to extract, sustainably grown stones are produced in a controlled environment that replicates the pressure and necessary elements for a stone to be formed. Ethically mined stone availability will fluctuate daily as the diamond market changes daily. Mined stones might bear a romantic aspect for some, as they were formed and are a part of the earth. Sustainably grown stones have their own benefits that many of our customers actively seek out and prefer to mined options. Sustainably grown stones, because of their controlled environment, remove any negative environmental impact while coming in at a significantly lower price point, in comparison to a mined stone. Both avenues are excellent and we are happy to offer these options to our customers. If you have any questions or aren’t sure which option is right for you, please feel free to reach out to our team via email!


What stones are available?

We are happy to offer our customers a wide array of beautiful stone options with varying color, cut, shape and hardness. All of our stones are of the highest quality and cut by the top professionals in the industry. As mentioned above, it is important to us that all of our stones are ethically sourced and certified conflict free, in accordance to guidelines set by the Kimberley Process. We do not use any fake or imitation stones in our pieces, but offer the option between mined and ethically grown stones. Some of our most popular stone options include:

  • Diamond: This beautiful stone takes the top spot with a 10 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. Diamonds continue to withstand the test of time as the classic choice for wedding and engagement rings due to their brilliance (sparkle) and hardness. Coming in a variety of colors (i.e. white, champagne, black, green, blue, orange, and yellow) and qualifications, this special stone can suit any personality, style, and budget.  All of our pieces can be made with diamonds.  Email for a custom quote and we will work within your budget to find the perfect stone for you.  We offer both ethically mined and sustainably grown diamonds, the choice is yours!
  • Moissanite: Moissanite ranks a whopping 9.25 on Mohs Scale of Hardness, making it the second hardest stone available. This stone was first discovered in 1893 by a French scientist named Henri Moissan in Arizona, in a crater created by a meteorite that fell to Earth (that pressure explains why its characteristics are so similar to diamond). Due to the rarity of this stone found in nature, Moissanite is now a sustainably grown stone and is highly sought after for its beauty, brilliance, hardness and its lack of negative environmental impact. This stone actually boasts a higher refractive index than a Diamond, meaning it features a greater sparkle factor! It is also the only stone, besides a Diamond, that GIA will certify as near colorless and colorless. Moissanite is comparable to a Diamond in hardness and sparkle, all while coming in at a significantly lower price point, making this stone one of the most popular options available.
  • Sapphire: This gemstone scales a 9 on Mohs Scale of Hardness, making it the second strongest mined stone in existence today. Though it is most well known for its stunning, deep blue coloring, this stone also comes in a wide variety of colors to suit the desires of any client (available upon request).  Green and Yellow Sapphires are additional shop favorites. We offer ethically mined and sustainably grown options.
  • Aquamarine: This beautiful, watery-blue stone ranks a 7.5-8 on Mohs Scale of Hardness. Aquamarine is particularly stunning due to its soft blue color.
  • Morganite: Morganite ranks a 7.5-8 on Mohs Scale of Hardness. This beautiful stone boasts pale, peachy-pink hues. The beauty and romance of this stone is unparalleled and is another top contender for engagement rings.
  • Emerald: This stunning stone ranks a 7.5-8 on Mohs Scale of Hardness. Emerald’s deep green color has earned its name as the gem of spring. Emerald is actually a rarer stone than diamond in certain sizes, making it's value superior.  We offer gorgeous, ethically mined and ethically grown options.
  • Green Amethyst: Green Amethyst is actually part of the quartz family and scales a 7 on Mohs Scale of Hardness. This pale green stone has quickly become a shop favorite with its soft green hues. Due to the fact that Green Amethyst has a lower refractive index (brilliance) and hardness, it does require more maintenance in keeping the stone clean and debris-free, in order to maintain its sparkle and keep the stone from appearing cloudy. 
  • Quartz: These stones score a 7 on Mohs Scale of Hardness. From Smokey to Lemon Quartz, there is truly an option for everyone. 
  • Black Onyx: This stunning stone ranks a 6.5 on Mohs Scale of Hardness. Its depth of color makes it a wonderful choice for those looking for an alternative, edgy option. 

Don't see the stone you are looking for? Please feel free to reach out to our team via email and we can work together to find the perfect stone for you!

*Stones featuring a lower hardness and refractive index require a little extra cleaning and care, to maintain and showcase their brilliance and shine. We offer a wonderful jewelry cleaner in our brick and mortar for purchase, but a mild soap and water mixture is a wonderful alternative as well. Allow your ring to soak for a few minutes and use a soft bristle brush (a toothbrush works very well) to really get under the stone, removing any lotion, soap, or substance that may be trapped underneath. After drying with a non abrasive cloth, your piece will be sparkling like new!


I already have a stone, can you reset it into one of your designs?

It is extremely important to our team that all of our stones are ethically sourced and certified conflict free, in accordance to guidelines set by the Kimberley Process. We source the highest quality stones, cut by the highest industry professionals, so you can rest assured you are receiving the best quality in product and customer service possible. Because we want to offer our clients the best experience and product, we do not currently work with customer provided/heirloom stones, as there are occasions where heirloom stones can have fissures that can be problematic in re-setting. 


What happens if I lose or chip a stone? 

As your satisfaction and peace of mind is of utmost importance to us, we are proud to offer our customers an extended, one year warranty on our engagement rings. This ensures plenty of time so that in the rare case of a manufacturer error, we will be happy to repair or replace the setting free-of-charge! Anything beyond the one year mark is considered normal wear and tear.  We pride ourselves on having an almost non-existent design flaw rate. We source the highest quality stones, cut by the highest industry professionals, so you can rest assured you are receiving the best quality product available.

Per industry standard, the care of the stone rests with the wearer, as there is no way of guaranteeing a stone will not incur damage or theft once it leaves our studio. We do not cover stone damage or stone loss within our warranty. As with any organic material, there is always a possibility of damage. This is why we suggest covering any fine jewelry purchase through a personal insurance plan, or through Jeweler’s Mutual Insurance. Personal plans are created for situations such as stone loss, damage, accidents, theft or wear and tear and your insurer will be happy to walk you through those options.


How does solid gold wear on the skin?

All of our rings are made with solid 14k gold (18k available upon request) that is sourced from the top suppliers in the industry, to ensure quality, purity, and ethical sourcing. Solid 14k gold is the most widely used material in the creation of fine jewelry due to its beauty, durability, romance and warmth! Solid gold reigns as the top choice of material, especially for those with allergies and sensitivities to other metals.  Sometimes solid gold can leave a black mark around someone’s finger, depending on a person’s skin chemistry due to diet or even with certain medications/cosmetics. Through a Google search, you will find that this is actually a common occurrence with solid gold pieces. Since it tends to be different for everyone, we do not have a specific answer as to what exactly might be reacting with the gold, but many have found different solutions through eliminating certain ingredients or cosmetics from their day to day. 


I ordered the wrong size, can you resize the ring for me?

As a bespoke design studio, we focus on the design and creation of new pieces that suit each customer’s needs. When purchasing a custom piece, we always suggest double checking the size before placing the order. Because each piece is made to order, we do not offer resizing or repair services that fall outside of a manufacturer error. Resizing is one of the simplest and most common procedures in fine jewelry and any local, reputable repair studio will be happy to provide this service. Our typical lead time is 4-6 weeks for complete construction of our pieces, while a repair studio will be able to get your piece back to you within a day or so, as this is their field. As we cannot guarantee the work of another studio, any piece that has been worked on or resized will no longer fall under our warranty.


How do I clean my ring?

When it comes to keeping your stone shining and brilliant, the key is cleaning underneath the stone and setting for that extra sparkle. We use a wonderful, natural cleaning solution kit in studio that we are happy to offer to our customers for purchase. Please reach out to our team via email for this option. That being said, a simple mixture of water and gentle soap with a soft bristle toothbrush does the job nicely as well. 


Jewelry designer and owner of Manna, Whitney, specializes in precious metal, genuine diamond and colorful gemstone pieces. Conflict free stones are carefully selected, gold is carved, sanded and finished by hand within her working studio. Striking solitaires and curated cluster settings are worked into unique pieces that feature earthy textures and soft, brushed finishes. The self taught goldsmith and designer has become an established fine jewelry artist, sought after for her perfectly-imperfect aesthetic, organic wedding/engagement rings, delicate layering pieces and feminine staples. All materials are ethically and sustainably sourced, certified conflict free and adhere to the Kimberly Process. Beyond our own studio work, we carefully select unique fine jewelry pieces that are available to our customers online as well as in Manna. 

History & Process : Whitney Shelhamer

 After devoting years of uncompromising benchwork to her craft, countless hours of precision stone setting and fabrication, Whitney's love for forging and the art of working directly with these precious materials was sealed. For many years Whitney worked as the sole set of hands behind Manna - designing, fabricating, setting and hand finishing every component from scratch, for each client. Having grown into a multifaceted jewelry studio and brick and mortar shop that currently serves her local community as well as international clientele, she now works with a production team consisting of some of the best precision stone setters and bench jewelers in the country.  Once casting and stone selection are complete, Whitney personally hand carves and finishes each piece according to every client's specifications.  Custom stones in various shapes, sizes, cuts and colors rest brilliantly within soft waves of gold. Modern settings and high polished finishes are also available and compliment their earthier counterparts within each collection. Wedding and statement bands are built to custom widths and are hammered out in studio to feature various forms and textures, allowing customers to peruse an array of one of a kind pieces.

Whitney and her husband Zak, an award-winning film director and marketing strategist (www.zakshelhamer.com), live with their daughter, Marigold, in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. In 2016, the Shelhamers opened Manna, their working studio and retail shop where customers were able to try on the jewelry in person and, often times, witness the pieces being constructed within ear shot.  Manna was born and grown against the breathtaking Pacific Northwest ocean in Oregon and now resides at 510 E Sherman Ave., in the heart of beautiful, downtown Coeur d’Alene, ID.